Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Things I Have Accomplished As Of 9:30am EDT:

  • Folded two (two!) fitted sheets in a manner demonstrably different from wadding them up.
  • Successfully moved my infant over the sink mid-vomiting process so that my shirt was saved. Sadly, his onesie was a loss.
  • Took a 30 minute nap after my normal wake-up time. (Thanks, love!)
  • Had my smug, self-congratulatory grad-student self smacked down. Yes, I may have sent a thoughtful and thorough email to my advisor at 10:35pm last night, showing that although I was home with a sick child yesterday and didn't work during the day, I still Care and still Want to Succeed in Graduate School, even if it means Going to Sleep Late. However, he sent an email back at 10:58pm, so I don't Win.
  • Almost finished my first cup of coffee. Yikes! Where are my priorities?

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