Friday, April 21, 2006

Buy! me!

Somehow my school email address has landed on a new spam list this week. Usually I just get 4 or 5 commercial spam emails a day (compared to 20 school spam emails, but apparently I'm supposed to care about those) -- this week I'm getting 40 or 50 a day.

It's generally not a big deal, we have very agressive filtering software that uncermoniously dumps them all into a spam folder, which I check daily and delete. They virtually never get through to my real inbox.

However, these latest emails are trying my patience. All the subjects end! in! exclamation! points! and as I scan the subjects before deleting, the words! end! up! in! my! head! and it's like grinding teeth.

I miss the Nigerian bank spams. The grammar sucked, but the punctuation was understated and spot-on.

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