Tuesday, April 18, 2006

My biggest challenges today

In the Parent of a Boy category:
Figuring out when Rocco was still awake as I rocked him and when he was truly zonked but doing that creepy sleep-with-your-eyes-open thing.

In the Parent of a Girl category:
Summoning the activation energy to give WonderGirl a goodnight kiss and actually leave her room after she told me, "Every time you kiss me on the nose, I'll wake up and have a bright, glittery smile. Like this."

In the Overly Advised Grad Student category:
Asking for help from both Dr. Nice and Dr. Brilliant without having each of them assume the other would actually provide the help. (Didn't do this one well, still waiting for a response. Drat.)

In the I'm a Person, Not Just a Parent and Student category:
Um, showering.

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