Saturday, May 13, 2006

Two dumb-ass things DT has said today (so far)

  1. "Wow, we made it just in time." (As we ran to the train station, each carrying a child, trying to beat the rain. Crucial note - we were not actually at the train station. We did not, in fact, make it just in time - the cloudburst was timed perfectly, just after he closed his big mouth.)
  2. "Maybe WonderGirl doesn't need to take a nap anymore." (The truth is, she hasn't napped at daycare in almost two years and rarely does at home. However, that quiet time in her room each afternoon is crucial for everyone's sanity, in my opinion. In any case, if you're going to discuss ending naptime, don't do it when WonderGirl is sitting on your freaking lap, listening!)
[Now I feel guilty posting this. The fact is, DT also has been quite thoughtful today, but do I mention that? No. Such is the life of the husband of a world-famous blogger always on the lookout for material...]

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