Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Bacteria 2, Rocco 0

It turns out that not only did Rocco's ear infection require antibiotics, it is going to require more antibiotics. We went back for a well-child check today and heck, while we're here, take a look at that ear again and wow! It's still infected! And now the other one is as well! This is your lucky day!

Hubris, indeed.

Meanwhile, I had no idea that May was such a busy month for families. Given that the sum total of our kids' ages barely exceeds 5, our family has an astounding number of end-of-the-year events to attend and (worse) to help plan. I mentioned how busy life has become to my dad, who somewhat famously has blocked most of his parenting experiences (although he was very involved), and he immediately concurred. Fabulous - even a man who doesn't remember how or when my brother and I were potty-trained, doesn't remember when we slept through the night, doesn't remember at what age we wrote our first piece of literary criticism, remembers that May sucks. I better steel myself for next year, and plan not to run out of margarita fixin's again.


Allison said...

I hate when people with kids a little older than mine pull the "wait until they're _____! Then it's really going to suck!"

So I won't say it.*

But I do agree, it's shocking and horrible how much stuff gets packed into May, even before kids start elementary school.

*...but I'll totally take the moment to complain that there is no earthly reason why a makeup soccer game, an art openhouse and an end-of-year party all needed to be scheduled on the same night, slightly overlapping. Grrrr.

Ruth said...

I do feel silly even complaining - we only have two kids, and I'm sure it will get much worse as they get older. I think I was just surprised that it started this early at all. But thanks anyway for restraining yourself. You're a better woman than I. :)