Monday, May 22, 2006

Fair and balanced

The sinus infection I've been carefully nurturing on the left side of my head is now competing with the lovely pain/numbness hybrid that is the result of the filling I just had on the right side of my mouth. My head can't figure out which side to pay attention to.

I've been working at a coffee shop since leaving the dentist, hoping that the numbness would subside to the point where I can go out for lunch and therefore reward myself for going through with the filling when I was sorely tempted to use my sinusitis as an excuse to cancel. Unfortunately, I still seem to be drooling without knowing it, so I will probably not take the chance of eating real food and possibly biting the heck out of my tongue.

I wonder if you can have ibuprofen powder added to a smoothie instead of bee pollen? Wimpiness, thy name is Ruth.

[Update, because I know you're breathlessly waiting for one:

  • There is no ibuprofen powder available at Smoothie King.
  • A single smoothie is not enough lunch for a lactating woman.
  • It is possible to eat a piece of chocolate cake while your mouth is numb, but the required fork will seem scary and sharp, and you will wish no one was around, so that you could just lick your fingers. And the plate.]

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