Monday, May 15, 2006

Random updates

  • Mother's Day was wonderful in the QoD house. WonderGirl's card was beautiful, and she was justly proud of it. The kids in her RE class at church also made giant cards by dictating to the teachers what made theirs moms special. These are the times your kid can come up with gems like, "My mom is special because she gets my boogers out, " or "My mom is special because she stops singing when it hurts my ears." I was pleasantly surprised that WonderGirl had a long list of why I was special, none of which made me cringe. Apparently she likes cooking with me, taking baths and doing puzzles. Most importantly, she knew I loved her and that made the list. Yay.
  • Note to our interim minister: The parents at the service already knew that letting children into your heart gives you access to both highs and lows that you just can't understand otherwise. It wasn't necessary to belabor the "lows" part. It's Mother's Day, for goodness sakes. Did you have to rub it in for the family that was experiencing their first Mother's Day since their son died?
  • The trivial and unpleasant part of Mother's Day for me was that apparently, the night before, I stuffed my head full of something - maybe a pillow? - and woke up yesterday morning with the left side of my skull about to burst. On the plus side, whatever was stuck up there is now draining out of my left nostril. (I say "on the plus side" because you're not here to see it.)
  • The Thin Man is just as snappy a movie as I remembered from when I was a teenager. I think I may have unwittingly based my idea of the perfect relationship on Nick and Nora Charles.
  • Where I am right now: wearing jeans, sitting at my desk at school, eating a miniature Special Dark candy bar. Implicitly, where I am not: outside at my school's graduation ceremony, gaining the privileges and responsibilties of being a PhD. Good thing I have a peppermint patty sitting at the ready to keep my mood stable.

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