Friday, March 24, 2006

Rip 'em up, tear 'em up, give 'em hell Duke

It's a sad and sleepy day in the QoD household. We are Duke graduates and fans, and man, do I hate knowing that today is the first day of the far-too-long offseason. We were able to go to the Duke-LSU sweet 16 game last night, and have decided that our presence is decidedly unlucky for Duke teams on a national stage. This is the first time we've managed to knock off the men's team by attending a game, but we've brought bad luck to the women's basketball team a few times now. We took our 4-year-old daughter, who enjoyed the experience, but was shocked and sad when I told her that because Duke lost the game, we would be watching other teams play on Saturday instead. Sigh. She's taken so well to our pro-Duke propaganda, it's startling.

On the not-as-pretty side, what is it about JJ Redick that can make middle-aged men into such fools? We were sitting near one drunk, obsessed guy who appeared to have come only to heckle Redick and not to watch basketball. What's the point? Is his life that empty?

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