Friday, March 10, 2006

Laundry quandry

Hypothetically speaking, is it more important to sort laundry by the color of the garments, or by the type of stain present? For example (again, hypothetically only), if the baby throws up on his own medium blue clothes, as well as my white shirt and green pants, but also poops a bit on a bright red onesie and extensively on blue pants, do I:

a) sort by color only, washing the smelliest things first
b) sort by type of body fluid only
c) burn it all?



Allison said...

I wouldn't worry too much about vomit, unless it's chunky or has tomatoes or something like that in it. Poopy clothes I usually throw in the washer and let them go through a quick rinse cycle first (usually if you rinse in cold water and remove immediately, colors won't bleed onto each other), then wash them with like colors ASAP (I always use the dryer to make sure any poop germs are killed). A white shirt is great because it can always be bleached to remove any bright red dye or poop stains.

If I'm anywhere not at home and I don't have any particular love for an article of clothing, I have been known to discretely toss items in public garbage cans. Evil, I know.

If any of this is truly hypothetical for you, you are one lucky mother.

Ruth said...

Sigh, I'm not *quite* that lucky. Thanks for the advice - so practical. I did end up bleaching the white shirt - love that Clorox bleach pen.