Monday, May 21, 2007

Thank you and screw you

My morning blog roundup left me with two wonderful, and completely different, gems this morning that I'm going to pass on to you:

First, the thank you. PeaceBang has a post up about saying thank you, and what I think of as the theology of gratitude. I do think saying thank you, and meaning thank you, is an important spiritual practice.

Then, the screw you, courtesy of the Stirrup Queens. Uterinus's Law, which I've experienced but never knew had a made-up name, includes these provisions, among others:

  • Sperm lives in a woman's body for 3--5 days ONLY if you are a terrified teenager who has no clue (1) when she ovulates and (2) if she took her birth control pill. Sperm lives in an infertile woman's body for 3--5 hours, therefore making lining up timing with ovulation nearly impossible. ... Doctors do not believe this fact and therefore often repeat the idea that sperm lives in all women's bodies for 3--5 days.
  • The more hand-holding and the more awkward the relationship is with your inlaws, the more likely they will schedule their visit to fall during retrieval or transfer. If they are the type who need a gourmet meal cooked nightly and a spotless house, they will arrive one day before your beta.

The second is especially funny to me. The cycle that became Rocco included overlapping visits from DT's parents and my dad, and DT actually gave me a trigger shot with my dad standing 10 feet away. Thank goodness it went well.


The Town Criers said...

I think (?) the screw you is a good thing? Our one successful cycle was totally Uterninus's Law too.

Ruth said...

I just want to clarify that the "screw you" is definitely a good thing, or... at least a shared thing. It was a screw-you from the fertility gods to those of us who don't view pregnancy as a lovely scheduled holiday, not a screw-you from me to the wonderful and funny Stirrup Queen women.

Okay, today I have now exceeded the number of times I've written or thought "screw you" in the last five years...

PeaceBang said...

Hey, thanks for the shout-out!!