Monday, October 02, 2006

What I have learned during my extended blogging absence:

  1. Sandbags are useful not only during hurricanes, but also during chest x-rays for toddlers.
  2. We are always told "If the fever persists for more than x days, call your doctor." Why? So that your doctor can say, "If it gets worse, come back." When your child is spending the majority of his time crying and refuses to eat, it is fairly difficult to decide what "worse" means.
  3. "Worse" means "not breathing well." Luckily, we never saw "worse."
  4. A thermometer which stops moving quickly once it gets to the 97-degree range is a beautiful thing.
  5. A thermometer which then betrays you by shooting way past 97 degrees the very next day is... not a beautiful thing.
  6. A side effect of ibuprofen can be... wait for it... fever.
  7. A side efffect of fever can be heavy wine consumption for the surrounding area.


Allison said...

Poor kid. He's better now, I hope?

Ruth said...

Thanks - yes, he's better. Finally. We've dealt with our share of the typical kid bugs, but for some reason, this one was just scary and worse.