Thursday, September 14, 2006

More free advice

A tip, especially for others with hypochondriac tendencies, if you notice a lump in your breast during a self-exam:

As your heart begins to race, your stomach drops out and your cheeks burn, go ahead and move near the sink. That way, when you palpate the lump more thoroughly to examine the borders, the milk that squirts out of the one gland that apparently hasn't gotten the post-weaning message swon't require extra cleanup.

Next step: sit down, take a deep breath and say a thank-you that your life didn't just change.


Allison said...

Ha. I wish this scenario didn't sound quite so familiar. How's weaning going?

Ruth said...

Weaning is, I think, done. (Except for little things like the above scenario.) He hasn't particularly liked to nurse before bed for a few months, and I'd expected that feeding to be the hardest one to drop. We were just nursing in the morning for the last few weeks, but we haven't for a couple of weeks now.

It feels kind of bittersweet, especially because we're not planning on having any more kids. It's such a powerful thing to be allowed to feed someone else from your body. I won't mind using my leftover nursing pads exclusively as coasters, though!