Thursday, August 10, 2006

Whoring myself for family

Our nephew just returned home to his own nuclear family yesterday after wrapping up an exhilarating five days with us. Perhaps he would use a different adjective to describe his time, but he's a typical understated, world-weary 13-year-old, so I'll spare him the embarrassment of appearing excited and confirm for you that yes, the visit was exhilarating. WonderGirl and Rocco were especially... um... exhilarated to have a new good-natured body on which to jump and climb, respectively.

While he was here, I did two things that surprised even me - played Advanced Civilization and visited the World of Large Soft-Drink Company Based in Atlanta, to which I refuse to link. Any company which can convince so many people to pay $9 each for the privilege of entering a "museum" and looking at their advertising doesn't need publicity from my blog. My whoring does have limits, after all.

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