Thursday, June 22, 2006

Two pieces of evidence which highlight my slipping standards:

  1. I have gotten into the habit of watching ripped DVDs on my lovely video iPod while I pump breastmilk at school. It certainly makes the sessions go faster than doing sudokus did. To date, I have watched:
    1. 50 First Dates
    2. Meet the Fockers
    3. a few episodes of Six Feet Under (this one doesn't embarrass me)
    4. Crash (nor does this one)
    5. Dodgeball. This one embarrasses me mightily, as I started it, then decided that even I had standards and moved on to something else, then got curious about where the plot went and returned to finish it. I even laughed out loud at those silly dodgeball hijinks. Not much more I can say.

  2. Our department has a breakroom where people leave the stuff they're afraid they'll eat all by themselves. It is flush with junk after Halloween, usually has some treats after faculty return from exotic trips, and it is where the leftover birthday cake goes to die after faculty meetings. Two weeks ago, someone left a box of Oreo cereal there. I couldn't help myself and tried a bit, but truly, the chocolate pellets were disgusting. Yesterday someone left another box (actually kind of strange behavior, considering that Amazon apparently sells the stuff for $5 a box) and I had three handfuls. Including marshmallows.

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Allison said...

No need to be embarrassed about Dodgeball. It's a good dumb movie that doesn't pretend to be anything else. The Lance Armstrong cameo had me rolling.